Understand your housing options, choose your priorities and select your homebuying professionals.

Think long term when buying a home. What kind of home do you need now? What will you need in 5 to 10 years?


  • the location and neighbourhood
  • the size of the property and home
  • the type of home — for example, detached, duplex, row house or condominium
  • the travel distance to work, recreation and services
  • any special features you want or need — for example, accessibility or efficiency upgrades
  • your lifestyle needs and possible changes in the future
  • your preference for a new, resale or custom-built home

Options vary slightly between provinces, but you can choose between the following ownership types in Canada:

  • Freehold — you own the building and the land
  • Leasehold — you own the building and rent or lease the land
  • Condominium (or “strata”) — you own your unit and share common elements
  • Co-operatives (co-ops) — you buy a share in the building and live in one of the units

If you’re considering a condo, make sure you review all the financial and technical audits for the condominium corporation to avoid surprises later on.

It’s important to have a team of experienced professionals to help you during the buying process. Take the time to check references before deciding who to work with.

Your homebuying team may include:

  • a real estate agent
  • a home inspector
  • an appraiser
  • a land surveyor
  • a builder or contractor
  • a lawyer
  • insurance and mortgage brokers

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